ASMR Rainbow falafel #shorts #asmr #falafel

We love falafel so me and @laja made our own version with a bit of a twist. A true show stopper for a delicious dinner with friends and family’s and you can add seasonal ingredients for extra taste and nutrition.


•5 x cups pre soaked chickpea
•10 or 5 x medium garlic cloves
•1-1/4 x white onion
•spices (mix of herbs)
•5 x teasp baking soda (1 for each mix)
•vegetable oil
•1 x lemon juices
•optional : potato starch


•butternut squash +turmeric
•purple potato


-soak overnight 5 cups of dry chickpea or soak them in hot water for 30min .
-in 5 different bowls divide equal parts of chickpeas
-bake or steam your veg in this case beets ,squash and purple potatoes for around 30/40 min until soft
-in each bowl add 1 or 2 garlic cloves ,1/4 of fresh onion ,salt , black pepper ,spices and a dash of lemon juice to keep the colours bright.
-now add in one of the bowls your natural colours: beetroot, purple potatoes, squash, spinach+parsley or plain. You can add any other flavour you like.
-blend your 5 different mixes one by one .
-We’re adding different veg and fiber to each batch so they will have a bit of a different consistency.
-the consistency should be soft and a bit grainy
-mix 1 x tsp of baking soda (to raise the ph of the mix and have a more uniform cooking)
-make little balls bite size and deep fry them
-if you find your mix quite wet you can roll the balls in to a bit of potato starch that will help to not stick to your hands and not fall apart wile frying.
-Deep fry using a non stick pan or a pan deep enough for your falafel to be submerged in oil and fry until they will float .
-fry til golden or even a bit darker. We liked them not too fried.
-serve with tzatziki or any dip you like some pickles and a fresh salad
-store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4-5 days or freeze the extra.

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  1. You’re amazing thanks for all that you share can’t wait to get your book

  2. I enjoy the posts that you make and I am from the USA Dallas Oregon actually which is off the Pacific coast we live about an hour inland from Lincoln city and I also love to garden but not near as much as you can but I’m learning from you a lot and I want to thank you but I also know you make different foods and I’m so intrigued but our translation is quite different so I’m not quite sure how your recipes go I don’t know if you would ever be willing to share recipes but thank you for all your post ❤

  3. Bro imma just do what he says because I don’t wanna find out what will happen if I don’t

  4. I’m a carnivore that usually scoffs at vegans but you and all your content is so fascinating I marathoned all of your videos. I wish there were more people like you in the world spreading this message, as opposed to the usual vegan narcissists that try force it down your throat.

    I think you’re single handedly carrying the vegan community with your videos and I’m sure you’ll come to inspire many others with content just like this. Keep it up


  5. Your videos just keep getting richer in quality! Also falafels are the best.

  6. These would make the coolest party food .thanks for sharing your wonderful creations.✨????????????????

  7. It is profound and a blessing to see how much your channel has grown since I started watching, this isn't a flex I wasn't here by day one by any means but you put so much effort so early on in your endeavors and it's heartwarming to see the results. Sorry such a gushy comment, Bravo dude.

  8. Hopefully in the coming years I can buy an ai assistant that will replicate what does guy this and just have it sit in my back garden

  9. Lovely recipe, this song truly brings so many people from all over together it’s beautiful

  10. Thank you!! Going to try this!!! Looks so easy
    I heard you can also make tofu with chickpeas.
    Could you also do tempeh ???? thank you!!

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