ASMR Zero Waste plant pots #shorts #asmr #zerowaste #plant

This is the perfect way to start growing your own food, reduce your waste and give up plastic pots. So many people pick up free newspapers and chuck it in the bin once read or think about how many toilet paper rolls you throw in the bin.

Both ways are chemical free (most newspapers ink are vegetable based) and it’s the perfect way to not disturb the roots as you can just plant it straight into the garden and the pot will decompose releasing carbon which is essential for plants to produce new leaves and stems.

I hope you will Enjoy growing your own food at home ????

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  1. Genius! But…The ink from newspapers is not the best food for the plants you’re going to eat…

  2. thank you for loving the earth n our beloved animal's sooo much that you n yoi family are inspiring other's to take action living in the city n off the land!!… taking creativity environment n the knowledge from yoi elders to another level…. much LoVe lite n blessings

  3. He doesn't show off, he doesn't force you to do anything, he just show's you a truly different way of thinking with which you can help save this planet as well as yourself…..

  4. Use newspaper in moderation. Most inks are not as bad as they once were(like heavy metals back in the day) but some especially the colored pages are more likely to have VOCs. I would suggest trying to contact the paper source to check on the ink just incase.

    Also side fact vinegar and newspaper is like the best streak free glass cleaner ever.

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