AUTUMN/WINTER NIGHT ROUTINE 2017! This is my Fall / Winter night routine for 2017! This routine is specifically for weekends since I already did a night time routine for school, however a lot of the time my school and weekend night routine looks the same! This routine has the perfect balance between being productive but still chill and relaxing. Don’t forget to subscribe for weekly videos:

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I forgot to mention that on the weekends I normally fall asleep at midnight or 1am! But on school nights I like to go to sleep at 10-11pm.

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☾ Where are you from? I’m half Swedish half English.
☾ Where do you live? Sweden.
☾ Age? 18
☾ When is your birthday? 1999 March the 29th

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This video is inspired by some of my favorite youtubers:
okaysage, olivia jade, mel joy, summer mckeen, siena mirabella, maddi bragg & zoella

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  1. my idea of a quick and easy meal is a lunch-able or granola bar… you're so aesthetic and cute!! love your channel <3

  2. I don't know why but I love this video, I adore everything about it, the way you talk, your room, even your cat, it makes me feel relaxed, I don't know why hahaha

  3. how do u do your thumbnail?? I've tried so many times but it never works to be looking good like yours😞😞 btw good video!!❤

  4. you probably get so many comments about this but this is the first video of yours i've seen so i might as well say it but i love the aesthetic of this so much

  5. I LOOOOVE how chill you are. I want to achieve this level of chill-ness

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