Awesome Shoulder Exercise (HITS THE ABS TOO!)

Put your core at the core of all your shoulder exercises here…

When it comes to picking the best shoulder exercises to do to increase the size of your shoulders, there’s a few things you have to consider. First, does the shoulder exercise you’re considering allow you to take the deltoids through their full range of motion? Does the shoulder exercise you pick help you eliminate unnecessary contribution from the triceps or chest? Would this fit perfectly into your shoulder workout while still allowing you to crush your abs at the same time?

If you answered no to any of the questions above then you definitely need to watch this shoulder exercise video. I show you a quick move that you can use to train your front delts. You don’t have to use a cable machine to do it either. You can easily put this into any home shoulder workout by subbing in a resistance band instead of the cable I show you here.

The front deltoids respond best to being put on a slight stretch in every rep. This allows you to take advantage of the stretch reflex to elicit a stronger contraction of the delts.

If you start adding this to your next home or gym shoulder workout you’ll start to notice additional shoulder definition and size. For an added benefit, you will see that this exercise also targets your abs and integrates them into the movement.

This type of muscle interaction is exactly what makes the ATHLEAN-X training system as popular and effective as it is. We put the core at the core of every exercise (shoulder exercise, leg exercise, chest, etc). This helps you to carve out an impressive six pack while adding pounds of athletic muscle to your frame.

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  1. How effective would it be to do a variant of this exercise with a dumbell for those of us without the machine?

  2. Doing this in the gym will make you look like doing a failed bicep curl, to the untrained eyes lol.

  3. I would like to see more shoulder type workouts that apply streching in them I have a left shoulder that has been injuried before some I careful about training it. Thanks Jeff for what you do…

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