Back to Basics – SECRET to Make the BEST REFRIED BEANS at Home , STOP Buying Them in a CAN

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It’s another beautiful day and today we are taking it back to the basics, how to make the best refried beans now let me tell you the secret to have the best refried beans is to use lard or bacon fat! I n ow I know it’s not the healthiest but this this changes the flavor and just tastes so much better if you looking for a healthy alternative, use your choice of oil . ???? ☺️???? I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and if you do please let me know in the comments and if you new here, welcome, become part of our family it is FREE, just hit that subscribe bottom ☺️ I promise you, you will not regret it ♥️ love you all thank you again got joining us today!


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✅ the longer you allow them to cook in the pan the thicker and drier the beans will get!
** cook over medium-low heat and always make sure the beans have water while cooking

1 lb pinto beans or your choice
2 tbsp bacon fat or lard
1/2 onion
1 jalapeño
1 cup bean broth
Cheese (optional)
1 Servíng of love ????

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15 Replies to “Back to Basics – SECRET to Make the BEST REFRIED BEANS at Home , STOP Buying Them in a CAN”

  1. Hello my beautiful family, the best beans are made at home, they are not in a can or in a restaurant, make them at home because they sure are super easy to make ???? my goal is to get my kids in the kitchen as much as possible because the best memories are crated in our kitchen around food !!!!????❤

  2. I love the way you say 'taste it for salt' and drop hot liquid on your hand, my wife has the same latina, burn-proof hands. She can pick up tortillas off the comal that would burn my skin right off with no problem, LOL

  3. Yum. So many ingrediants you can add to beans , hotter peppers seriously gooood. ????????✌

  4. Hell ya! Bacon fat is the best way to refry beans! My mamma always used it, thats how i learned.
    Fresh, light colored beans are the best to use, if they have turned dark they sometimes just don't soften enough.
    My mom always used corn tortillas, thos are fried flower?

  5. THANK YOU! and the hinted family dynamics were awesome! its not a real kitchen unless there is some nudgeing.

  6. I love pinto beans and refried beans yummy. Thank you for sharing Claudia have a blessed day stay safe and healthy. ????????????????❤????❤????

  7. Love your videos can’t wait to make these.nothing like authentic refried beans.

  8. Natalie is so grown!! ❤ and yay this is perfect because I have an instant pot

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