Backflushing the Rancilio Silvia

Showing the backflushing procedure on the Rancilio Silvia. Backflush at least once a week to keep making good tasting espresso

7 Replies to “Backflushing the Rancilio Silvia”

  1. I have had my rancilio Silvia 8 yrs never have back flushed use the urnex descaler 4 times a yr. that’s all.

  2. According to Rancilip, they dont recomend doing the backflush rutine "We do not recommend backflushing, as improper backflushing may damage your machine". Have they stopped providing the blind basket in the case for the new models?

  3. @s1914 Depends on how many shots you're making. Once a week if you're making one or two shots a day.

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