The legendary bacon board is back and Aaron Kyro finally gets to skate it for the first time! Get ready for one of the most crazy games of skate you’ve ever seen!

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  1. It's not going to be very much longer before nobody can beat JD he has made such improvements in the last year I am mind boggled. Plus he's the only one raising money to do competitions

  2. We’re at the Dew Tour right now on the hill across from you guys, come say hi lol

  3. Nigel just to let you know Gabe is correct it is called a Nutmeg. I played hockey and soccer and in both Sports it was called a nutmeg

  4. U need to get those wavy baby shoes and skate them with the wavy/bacon board!!!

  5. What episode was that extendo board that gabe wanted Aaron to look at? Asking for a friend

  6. lol i will not accept this timeline where Gabe did everything to help avoid the skunk. I accept the timeline where the game as it began with JD, Aaron and Nigel ended – uninterrupted – with the JD clean sweep 🙂 No Gabe shenanigans.

  7. Aaron: The Goliath, The Monstrosity, The Pop-Shove It King Himself

    Nigel: Hi 👋

  8. Aaron Kyro, don't leave again. I have separation issues now. I treat every video like it's your final video ever.

  9. “Dang, pan fried.”
    -Gabe Cruz, 2022
    Also pls skate this with the wavy baby vans

  10. It’s always nice to see Aaron back in the videos he always adds a cheery and positive vibe

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