Battle With The World’s Largest Centipede

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This week, we’re back in the Wild West! I found a centipede mini at my local hobby store and decided to bring it home and add it to the WIW. The setting for the diorama is southwestern Colorado where giant centipedes can be found.

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17 Replies to “Battle With The World’s Largest Centipede”

  1. I have to ask, everyone in these kinds of videos uses foam safe super glue. Is there a foam unsafe glue? What does that do? Does the foam have an allergic reaction? Is it going to report the glue to HR?

  2. Always a pleasure to see another addition to your Wild Imaginary West world. Love the dialogue between the characters; I'm inclined to disbelieve the centipede's account as well.

  3. Perhaps you should have made a horse centipede to battle with. Studson could have helped you out with that! LOL And no Black three poin toe?

  4. Think you could possibly do a diorama of the graboids from the Tremors series?

  5. I got an idea what about some biologists observing a monster, and it’s daily life in the habitat until things yourself when they touch the babies

  6. He is one of my biggest inspiration for dioramas now only if I had the money to build one love these vids keep it up ❤

  7. Another great scene from Boylei! I am wondering if adding some battle damage to the critter might be a good idea. Some thin wire to simulate arrows and maybe clip one of the arms off, laying on the ground in a puddle of red. Or would that ruin it?

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