Beard Expert Critiques Celebrity Beards | Fine Points | GQ

Join GQ’s favorite grooming expert Matty Conrad as he breaks down and critiques the beards on some of today’s biggest stars, including Jason Mamoa, Oscar Isaac, LeBron James, Drake, Chris Pine and more. There’s no perfect beard, but this expert has some opinions on who wears it best and who needs to grab a razor.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Jason Mamoa
01:44 Oscar Isaac
03:18 Nick Offerman
04:39 James Harden
06:01 LeBron James
06:55 Drake
07:25 Chris Pine
08:45 Donald Glover
09:42 Idris Elba
10:38 Jon Hamm
11:15 Jake Gyllenhaal
11:49 Reggie Watts
12:41 Keanu Reeves

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20 Replies to “Beard Expert Critiques Celebrity Beards | Fine Points | GQ”

  1. Can we get an armpit expert next to rate celebrities armpits? Asking for a friend.

  2. Just get a beard if you want it. Or don't. If you like it cool. If you don't, whatever. If someones else likes it, whatever. Like, who cares.

  3. if you ever feel useless just remember this guy dedicated his life to critiquing beards

  4. I can’t grow anything beyond a pathetic dirt stash.
    Now that I am balding I can not grow a goatee and on my way to beard.
    I would be too good looking if I had a full head of hair and a beard🙃
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it lol

  5. Matty Conrad is amazing I've been looking for such a video for a long time.

    Great content

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