Bee Man Vs Big Beehive In Shed Floor

This colony of honey bees in this guy Glen’s shed floor was apparently aggravating the neighbors enough for them to call code enforcement. When I removed the colony it had been in the floor of Glen’s shed for over a year.

I found the bees to be extremely gentle albeit they did sting me a bit after I exposed the hive, & a very big hive it was!

It was 90 degrees F the day I removed the colony & inside the shed it was much warmer than that!

I think you’ll really enjoy this video, it definitely leans toward the more educational spectrum albeit there is some entertainment value as well.

At the end of the video I release the queen & the following day go into the hive & find her again, filmed with my new GoPro Hero 7 Black edition, courtesy of my good buddy Yappy Beeman.

Yappy & I made a camera trade as I had one (a Cannon) just sitting there that he could use & I needed a new camera I could film handsfree with.

It was a good trade, something I really needed & I will definitely be incorporating the GoPro in future videos.

I actually have a handful of videos uploaded to my channel filmed with a Hero 2 & 3 but those cameras didn’t have built in stabilization like the 7.

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Songs used in this video from Youtube’s free music library: Find Your Way Beat by Nana Kwabena, Watch It by TrackTribe.

13 Replies to “Bee Man Vs Big Beehive In Shed Floor”

  1. Hi JP, Wow!! l'm watching your amazing feat from Malaysia.
    I think you need a bigger home for the huge cluster of bees.

  2. I am new please tell me what's inside the box that they run to besides the queen, thank you,

  3. Good video, but I really wish that you would've shown more of the comb removal, and more of the comb being framed. It seemed like the comb was perfect for framing. It was pretty much exactly the right hight, with nice long pieces. I'm wondering why some comb is built in straight lines, and why some other comb lines gets so curvy, or even the comb itself gets curvy and gets really thick in places. Just wondering. Good video 👍

  4. thisis an other great video thank am so happy its just magic the way you handle the bees. love it all..

  5. Suggestion. Since you need glasses only for close up. You can have your glasses made with to types of lenses. For close up on the bottom and clear glass on top (bifocals) and keep them on all the time when you work with bees. This way you are always ready to see the queen and won’t have to stop. And the clear glass gives you good vision for distance. Love your videos.

  6. I just want to say thank you for saving these bee’s. That was a pretty impressive size hive considering where it was located . Thank you for sharing and taking care of the bee’s .
    What do you do with all the bee’s you save ?

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