Beef Back Ribs

Beef Back Ribs are one of the most economical and delicious cuts of meat that you can smoke. I used to shy away from this cut as I thought of it simply as the underside of a whole rib roast. AKA the leftovers from a prime rib. Once I changed my perspective and thought of this huge rack of beef ribs like the Fred Flintstone version of pork ribs, my mind was changed. In this video we treat this rack of beef ribs like a rack of pork ribs saucing them in the end of the cook and it is delicious.

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15 Replies to “Beef Back Ribs”

  1. It’s great know when your selection is next to nothing that beef back will still do the trick! Thank you Meat Church!

  2. It looks like these (and the full dino ribs) for me are a bit hard to find locally. Not Sams or Costco. May have to mail order. I really want to try some Dino ribs though.

  3. The oven-lol, like no sht I ain’t cooking in the over, rather just watch tv

  4. WOW!!! Matt in MD. at our Costco, they are asking $4.79lb for those beefless ribs.????

  5. I've lived in Texas all my life and have eaten Brisket that was sauced before removing from put, ribs, chicken and didn't know they're people out there that think you don't sauce or just don't sauce because you're breaking a BBQ rule. I put BBQ sauce on what ever I have on my pit to catch a little or a lot of smoke. My Pops before he passed ust to smoke at the end of a foil wrapped brisket cook and putting Bbq sauce on it right after opening it, and still just as good if not better. The seasoning cook into the meat extremely well when wrapped tight in foil. These days and times seems to make it a science to bbq. No pellet smoker can match a regular wood fired smoker.

  6. It's cheap until more people start buying them and they become popular, you know like pork and brisket.

  7. Just did a rack of these this past weekend. I used coarse pepper and your Texas Sugar rub. I added butter and a light bead of honey when i wrapped.

  8. I always look forward to your Wednesday drops….must see TV. Two questions for ya. 1) sometimes I see you use foil and sometimes you use pink butcher paper, is there a reason or just how you feel or something else? 2) if I season my meat overnight in the refrigerator, is it better to bring it up to room temperature first or put it in cold. I’m using the Egg. Thanks!

  9. Noo Mat don’t give out the secret. Now they will be 6$ a pound????‍♂️????

  10. Matt – lovin’ your work. You are single-handedly changing BBQ here in the Uk, had smoker for 1yr now and tried loads of your stuff with success. We can get all the seasoning here but not the merchandise, make it happen my man! More tender than mothers love ????

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