Beehive In Old Shed Has 2 Queens

Beehive In Old Shed Had 2 Queens

This old building was in really bad shape, literally falling apart. Lots of rot, termite damage, part of the roof caved in etc…

Couldn’t be torn down because bees were living in one of the wall voids adjacent to an old bathroom.

A friend of mine, Darcy Jones lended me a hand on this removal & the bees wound up going to her.

Ms. Donleen, the home owner is a very cool lady who I’ve done bee work for before. Darcy & I were happy to help her out with this project, good times all around.

Ordinarily, I don’t do that many bee removals during the winter unless the bees have to go & always remove them during a warm up period. The colony had to go & we were definitely in a warm up period in December nonetheless!

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  1. I bet she never does it again, she looked exhausted, she kept tripping and bumping into, dropping, but she was a champ, poor girl, J P never lost his cool, great guy,

  2. I like that JPthebeeman is man enough to take his hat off when talkin to a lady that demands respect (thats a nice way of saying an old lady lol)

  3. Had to look twice because I was not 100 % sure this was actually you . I thought maybe an older video or your son until you started to talk . You look 5-10 years younger with the shorter hair and the trimmed beard .
    Now for the bee’s does that happen often where there are two queen’s in a hive ? Do you still think this was the original hive or a splinter hive from the hive which had set up in the house ?
    Between you and a wasp guy I stay up way to late watching these videos lol . I like your accent and how much you take the time to show us start to finish your removals and you educate us about honey bees at the same time. Thank you again for sharing .

  4. Woah, JP's looking young. I thought this was one of his 7 years old videos. I just realized it's only a year old. Looking good 👍

  5. Yappy got jealous when he found out you were working with someone else lol. "WE!?"

  6. Yes, love the haircut and beard trimmed. You’re looking fine honey honey….. LOL

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