Beginners Basic Ring Workouts- Gymnastics Exercise Tutorial

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20 Replies to “Beginners Basic Ring Workouts- Gymnastics Exercise Tutorial”

  1. Great tutorial, these vids will def help to make me a lord of the rings. Don't understand the haters on here but I hope they eat some bad Mexican food and sh*t themselves in public.

  2. What is your qualification to question his I would ask. People don't find these videos by accident, the find them because they are looking to improve a specific skill set.
    If you believe these videos are flawed why not suggest improvements rather than just insult.

  3. someone who`s aiming at rings workout already have the knowledge to warm-up, cool down, etc…no amateurs looks for this kind of workout, they'd rather take a membership at the gym next corner, hire a personal trainer, etc…

  4. Well that's good for sam, but that doesn't mean his videos are the best, his forms shitty too. I can name books that can help people more than what you're posting. As for you're other request, if you have no solid programs to offer that are adjustable to a individual, then stop making videos.

  5. If you don't know how to warm up, go to a gymnastics gym and get a coach. This video is just a list of exercises. Where are his qualifications? Sam was a nationally ranked competitive gymnast as well as a coach for 20+ years as well as a gym owner. Sam has very limited time, and i'm thankful for the giving me the little time he has. I assume you get your attention fix by hating. Go practice instead.

  6. You have no qualification to be teaching gymnastics. Wheres the warm-up work, Wheres the rest-day work? You give people tools, but no actual advice on how to use them, or how to construct a routine.

  7. Appreciate these tutorials. Ive read a few lessons on body weight training and ring training and only heard about keeping a hollow chest? on handstands but you mention it on some ring exercise and planche training, and mentioned the muscle it targets. Thanks!

  8. Sam Tribble aka @ArtofSpin is a hell of an Inspiration, "Presenter" and Wonderful human being! 😀
    Thanks Arash @StrengthProject!

  9. @strengthproject Thanks a lot!) I try!)
    I wait for new videos with your participation!

  10. @alex3692303
    We are uploading from basic to more advanced. So maltese should be up around next week. Great channel Alex! Your videos are cool!

  11. When be a MALTESE tutorial?
    very interesting to watch!

    sorry for bad en(((

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