Best Extension Cord? Flexzilla, US Wire, Yellow Jacket, Southwire, Husky, Woods, Bergen Industries

15 extension cords: Project Source, Vanguard, Woods, Yellow Jacket, Southwire, Husky, Utilitech, Snow joe, Flexzilla Pro, Bergen Industries, GoGreeen, US Wire, and US Wire Extreme. Extension cords tested for voltage drop, cold temperature flexibility, extension cord end performance, cord tensile strength, extension cord end separation strength, jacket abrasion resistance, and jacket puncture resistance. The comparison is for 14 gauge extension cords. A 10, 12 and 16 gauge cord is also used to demonstrate the impact wire gauge has on extension cord performance. Please let me know if you’d like a 12 gauge extension cord comparison. I purchased all of the extension cords and supplies used to test the cords. So, thank you for supporting the channel.

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➡ Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order):
US Wire Extreme:
Yellow Jacket 14 gauge:
Yellow Jacket 10 gauge:
Southwire 14 gauge:
Southwire 12 gauge:
Snow Joe:
Flexzilla Pro:
Bergen Industries: Available at Lowes
GoGreen: Available at Lowes
US Wire: Available at Home Depot
Utilitech: Available at Lowes
Vanguard: Available at Harbor Freight

Energy Use Analyzer/Meter:
Extension cord reel:

Videography Equipment:
Sony DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera:
Canon 70D Camera:
Azden Microphone:
Go Pro Bundle:

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18 Replies to “Best Extension Cord? Flexzilla, US Wire, Yellow Jacket, Southwire, Husky, Woods, Bergen Industries”

  1. The pull out Force chart should be reversed, the winner is gogreen, the less force the better, it prevents tripping over the wire and destroying the leads

  2. I love these tests but the brands aren't usually one I can find here in Sweden. Sure, some are the same thing, but the branding differs so who knows.

  3. Thanks for the video. Yeah I did my research before, and generally US Wire by far makes the best cords. I just wish you did a better job explaining the rating system for cords, as they're made to fit different specs for different environments. Generally I prefer rubber cords vs plastic cords, they're much more pleasant to work with and lay flatter when in use. They're easier to wrap and unwrap, and much more flexible in the cold.

  4. Would have been very interesting to see a volt meter set to check continuity on the cords while testing tensile strength.

  5. in the opening of the video you said, finally we'll test the cords voltage drop. wouldn't you want to do this before destroying them XD

  6. Fantastic! I've used all types of extension cords over the years. I didn't know the cheapie 16ga extension cords had that much loss! No more 16 ga cords for me. I'm sticking with 14 ga or thicker!

    I've also noticed that some of the cords are stiff when cold – not -40 degress cold, but under 50 degrees cold. I'm glad you made this part of your test – stiff cords are not fun to work with when the temp drops.

    Durability is also key. I take care of my tools and I do my best to keep my extension cords from being damaged. That being said, I've never had an extension cord pull out from either end, nor split in two. I have had the outer jacket get punctured, so that was a good test to see.

    Finally, the demise of most of my extension cords is theft or not being returned when borrowed. I like the post below where taping up an area to make it look like a repair was done – great idea, though we don't want it shared with the thieves!

    Thanks again. It was a great idea for a video!

  7. forgot the rigid brand that would've been interesting since I do think that's Home Depot's high end extension cord. it's the most expensive

  8. oh man… I requested seeing an extension cord review a couple times… like 3 years ago lol

  9. Wow. The testing was something else indeed. US Extreme for me. Winding up neatly wins over a little less cord strength nailed it and it’s USA made 🙏. Cheers 🇦🇺

  10. How about testing weed and feed concentrates for the lawn. Then maybe the bug killer stuff for the lawn. I lime to use the concentrates that hook up to the garden hose to apply. (Spectracide)

  11. Just bought 4 12g husky cords, and they are very difficult to chain stitch, but for the price and features…. I'll live.

  12. Great video, thank you. Have you considered doing a test of cordless pressure washers??

  13. The second cord lists the price as $50 but you said $20. I’m assuming it was truly $20 because you always do a great job of testing in order of price

  14. Great video. Heatwave this year seems to be a theme… Maybe test portable air conditioners. The types people with apartments can use that roll around with the hose/window exhaust. Power draw, lowest temp etc etc

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