Best Gas Can? $140 Wavian vs Eagle, Surecan, Scepter, Briggs & Stratton, Midwest, VP Racing

13 Fuel Cans: Wavian, Justrite, Surecan, Eagle, Stark, Midwest military style, VP Racing, No Spill, Scepter Military Style, Midwest, Briggs & Stratton, Garage Boss and Scepter. All gas cans tested for flow rate, leaks & spills during use, spout functionality with various fuel tank styles, tip over angle, and impact durability. Metal jerry cans tested for corrosion resistance. I purchased all of the gas cans to ensure unbiased testing. So, thank you for supporting the channel.

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VP Racing Fuels:
No Spill:
Scepter Military Style:
Briggs & Stratton:
Garage Boss:
Midwest Metal Jerry Can: Harbor Freight or

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19 Replies to “Best Gas Can? $140 Wavian vs Eagle, Surecan, Scepter, Briggs & Stratton, Midwest, VP Racing”

  1. Your mockup of an on-road vehicle was not so good. On my car, I could not briing the can above 90 degrees as your wooden frame allowed!

  2. I’ve recently been looking at battery powered pressure washers, can you review some?

  3. Another great vid. Please can I suggest a test of SDS drill bits and SDS drills (maybe 18v/20v and also 12v) for future videos? Love your work.

  4. Please consider testing weed killers. Including a couple "organic" and diy options in there. Thanks for all your efforts.

  5. justrite products must be good stuff, given that companys in germany are allowed to use them to handle dangerous/flameable goods/liquids, and we have very hard rules for that
    if you take in consideration that not only the law has a saying but also the "berufsgenßenschaft" wich hardly translates to "professional association"and almost every company is part of it, they are for example the ones that pay medical bills if you ever have a workplace accident, on one hand they pay even better than any privat insurance, oin the other hand you have to follow their guidelines pretty tight….and if this guys allow the usage of a product, you just know its very safe to do so

  6. I'm a full convert to the VP cans. Nothing else is worth it in my opinion. I also have a metal eagle can that is about 30 years old, that is the only other gas can in my possession that isn't rage inducing. The government has no business in regulating fuel containers.

  7. Great! I use the Eagle cans, I have 4 of them, and as you showed, not great for filling an auto. I have to use a 2nd funnel.

  8. At least you used water not only for better testing but also because gas prices now days lol

  9. Read the title and wondered "how the heck are you going to test a gas can" ? Then I see the testing, read the comments and the other mad scientists here have even MORE ideas for testing gas cans!

    I'm not entirely sure having just water in the cans for either freezing or extreme heat testing would be accurate, though. And gas is so expensive right now it would probably cost around $300 in fuel alone! 😅

  10. Hello, love youre content. How about making review about air compressed spray can ?weicon spray wsd 400 and othere brands

  11. Have you ever done best Cordless SDS Drills? Would love to see your comparison on them.

  12. If I am not mistaken the HFT jerry can is made by one of the same manufacturers of the NATO cans. I'm not certain that it is the same company that makes the Wavian but other than the spout opening it is essentially the same as a NATO spec can. That being said I still prefer my actual NATO cans like the Wavian. The clamp on spout interface seems a better design than the screw-on type in the long run… if it starts to leak it's almost always just a simple gasket swap repair. Also the fact that it is the NATO standard means replacement spouts, etc are very easy to come by. You seem to have goten a non-US spec Wavian as the US ones are supposed to cone with a spring loaded 'anti-spill' spout, though they are completely interchangeable thankfully.

  13. I have a test for you. Do ground loop AC/heat work? I hate seeing people get ripped off by fake physics. use a water heater 100ft of pipe looped in a ditch circulating pump. measure the temp in and out and measure the temp of the ground a variable distance from the pipe to measure how far it transfer heat

  14. The best gas cans I have found are the old us military blitz cans. They are like a jerry can but the lid screws on with a weep hole that is covered by the cap but exposed by the fill nozzle. I have yet to spill a drop since there's no epa meddling in the fill nozzle

  15. Id like to see you test some of the cans that have pumps to dispense the fuel.

  16. I live in one of the most environmental aware countries in the world, I've never seen such fuel cans over here. They are just simple spouts connected to them over jere. Feels like a weird thing to complicate for the environment sake.

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