Best Hose Clamp? Let’s Settle This! Ideal, Precision, Koehler, Norma, Skandvik, Mishimoto, Breeze

16 Clamps: Mishimoto Gold, Akihisa, Scandvik, Norma, Clipsandfasteners, Ideal Tridon, Precision, Mishimoto, Breeze, Knoehler, Indusky, Lokman, SWPEET, Hilitchi, Glarks, Juasky, Meaxxna. Hose clamps compared for performance providing sealing pressure over a hose. Hose clamps also compared for tensile strength, tightening failure load, and corrosion resistance. I purchased all of the products and supplies to ensure unbiased results. So, thanks for supporting the channel.

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Mishimoto Gold:
Ideal Tridon:

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17 Replies to “Best Hose Clamp? Let’s Settle This! Ideal, Precision, Koehler, Norma, Skandvik, Mishimoto, Breeze”

  1. So now you all them boxes of hose clamps on the farm. Just wate viewers I feel we will see hose clamps holding on more then hose in the near future 😂

  2. Was always told that the best hose clamps are the ones off German cars at the junk yard. Pretty sure most are Norma brand. They are basically free if you bring them out with some related part.

  3. Should do a pipe wrench episode. See which grabs the hardest, which does most tooth damage to pipe. Etc… husky, reed, Milwaukee, ridged to name a few companies

  4. Wow, I need 2 hose clamps for the charge pipe on my car… since yesterday… how did you know? …thanks… you're Like amazon lol
    You're not doing a coupler review also are you?

  5. Would love to see a comparison of window tint. Regular, carbon, and ceramic and if they do keep the inside cooler

  6. I think you should revisit tire sealants now that they have "emergency kits" that will have you back on the road in "X" many steps and "X" many minutes. Some are just the compund that attaches to the pumps, some have the extra plug kits, some have road flare safety kits…I just wanted to fix my tire!!! Not be assaulted by too many companies telling me how quick their product will get me back on the road in 12 minutes or less and I stood there for an hour having a panic attack at which one I needed. Lol
    But Walmart had a kit. Slime has 2 kits (one is a 2 or 4 step process and back on the road in 15 or a 1 step kit that had you going in 10 minutes) and the big car manufacturers have their kits as well. Sadly I think they are all 1 time use and you have to buy a new kit for each tiee instead of just buying another can of the sealant to go with the kit you already have….
    BUT! As always Todd, amazing work!

  7. Test different types of battery restoration chemicals like Charge-It Battery Additive, VX-6, if you can find it, etc.

  8. Comparison to a banding tool such as a Band-It when using comparable stainless bands?

  9. When I remember, I always hit like as soon as I watch. There’s never anything to dislike in your videos. Very consistent, concise content.

  10. the akisha or ow ever its spelled will 100% hold more that any othger clamp but 30 in lbs isnt what its rated for try 25 ft-lbs

  11. This was pretty informative. I never think about parts like a hose clamp but now I will! Thanks as always for your great videos!

  12. I stick to Breeze clamps. The cheap, made in China hose clamps are complete garbage.

  13. This is off topic from this video, but since it's your most recent I figured I'd post it here. I recently watch a YT video on the claims of the fuel additive MPG Xtreme getting up to 33% better fuel mileage. Have you heard of and and if you haven't already run some tests it might be an idea for a video. Thanks.

  14. Would love to be a representative for kimball Midwest so you can test our products along with all the other brands! We are a American, family owned MRO supplier headquartered in Columbus Ohio

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