BEST Magic Trick for a Party


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10 Replies to “BEST Magic Trick for a Party”

  1. when i want to learn magic and jarek's vid comes up

    What he sais"Heeyy guys i'm Jarek120 pro illusionist escape artist hypnotist etc"

    What i hear: "Hey! i'm better then you!"

  2. wut i was playing around with cards in my hand while watching and wen he got to the part wer they pik a kard he had a 5 of hearts and a card was in my hand for some reason and it was da same card omgomgomg

  3. but you are wasting lot's decks that's too bad, and can you buy a sharpie that you can erase? (on bicycle cards)

  4. Why does it take so long to get to the teaching!

  5. I saw a guy on penn and teller who wasn't Jarek and called himself wrestling singly magician

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