Best Way to Make a BIG MAC?

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18 Replies to “Best Way to Make a BIG MAC?”

  1. I'm pretty sure that most arguments against ketchup ultimately come from sense of elitism. It's scientifically designed to make just about anything taste better. It's the easy option. And if you choose the easy option, you are just lazy, talentless and unimaginative person, right? At least that's what those people fear being perceived as.

  2. If I ate gluten, I’d be vegan so fast. I love cooking and making things vegan but a vegan burger with a crappy bun is so sad

  3. I dunk my Big Mac in the Ketchup… long time dunker here ???????? ????

  4. I like that you dont advertise all of your vids as Vegan burgers, because really, why should you! Its not important to the content to specify that the food is plant based. Cool to see it become more of just a natural thing in the cooking yt community

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