Best Wrench? Let’s Settle This! Snap On vs MAC Tools, Matco, Proto, SK, GearWrench, Kobalt, Husky

21 Wrenches: Snap On, SK Tools, MAC Tools, FACOM, Sunex, Gedore, Proto, Wright Tools, Matco, GearWrench, Williams, Klein Tools, Kobalt, Crescent, Tekton, Craftsman, Performance Tool, GearWrench 6 point and 12 point, Pittsburgh and a vintage S K wrench. The box end of the combination wrenches are compared for performance on a rusty fastener with limited contact area and on ½ inch low and high carbon steel with full box end contact.. The open end of the wrench is compared for performance on a low carbon steel fastener as well as on high carbon steel. I always purchase all of the tools and supplies used to test the products to ensure unbiased comparisons. So, thank you for supporting the channel.

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➡ Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order):
GeearWrench 12 point:
GearWrench 6 Point:
Wright Tools:
Performance Tools:
Klein Tools:
SK Pro:
Pittsburgh is available at Harbor Freight
Snap On: Snap On website
MAC: MAC website
Matco: Matco website
Kobalt: Lowes
Husky: Home Depot

Videography Equipment:
Sony DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera:
Canon 70D Camera:
Azden Microphone:
Go Pro Bundle:

This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC

24 Replies to “Best Wrench? Let’s Settle This! Snap On vs MAC Tools, Matco, Proto, SK, GearWrench, Kobalt, Husky”

  1. ~~Ask a Auto/Industrial Mechanic whether they want a Craftsman or Snap-On? Most who've got countless hours doing such will lean towards Craftsman. Problem w/Snap-On&those of similar make immediately become potential knuckle-busters the moment you have any oil/grease/etc. on your hands.

  2. Anytime snap-on comes up short it makes me smile, overpriced run of the mill tools anyome.

  3. Are you close enough to the border to start testing mastercraft tools? Your Canadian viewers will thank you!

  4. Me and some friends did some similar tests at our workshop with a jbs, milwaukee, snap on, and some budget wrench from like a dollar store, on the open end slip test the milwaukee never slipped and snapped the bolt head off mainly because off the teeth on the wrench, we then filed teeth into the cheap wrench in the same spots as the milwaukee and the dollar wrench outdid the snap on

  5. I'm just hoping that all the brands that have this issue see your video and work to fix all of the issues

  6. Would be really nice to see random orbital polishers!

    Great video and nice selection. Always nice to good finishes by cheaper brands.

  7. I see you tried Pittsburgh wrenches. You should try the step up to icon brand from harbor freight. They’re actually kind of pricy compared to the rest of the stuff harbor freight sells.

  8. I am a auto body technician technician so tools are my life. I do a lot of the high Tech stuff stuff like teaching cars teaching cars to park themselves. Radar cruise and things like that. But I still get down and dirty I'm installing quarter panels and stuff like that. But I like your videos it tells me what tools I need to buy and I and I say thank you for that. I will add a little bit more if I can buy a tool that's cheaper than snap on matco or Cornwell I'm going to do that.

  9. Maybe some Amazon basic tools should start to be tested, they’ve been popping up more on my feed and am curious about the performance of them

  10. craftsman fan for 50 years. I'll never put that type of pressure on them. just a putter around the house guy.

  11. First part of the video had me real nervous. If China takes out Taiwan then escalates their pissing contest with India to the nuclear level I thought we were going to be left without tool manufacturers.

  12. Based on how the Husky was placing against the group, I'm disappointed you didn't replace the wrench and properly add the results to the test. To go through all of that testing and then relegate the Husky to last place in one test because of your mistake is a disservice to the final results. Some people may have skipped over your admission and assumed the Husky was sub-par. Shouldn't we be fair to all of those in the test. I don't own Husky, but at $4 a wrench it appears to be very impressive. Great video otherwise.

  13. At my work , we get Snap-on Truck and Cornwell Truck comes by. Been wanting Mac Truck . This proves why. Good quality tools for the price

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