Bionic Blade vs BlendJet 2: Which Portable Blender is Better?

Today I’m comparing the As Seen on TV Bionic Blade blender vs the popular social media favorite, the BlendJet 2.

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0:00 Introduction & Features
2:42 Cleaning
3:43 Baby Carrots
5:47 Banana and OJ
7:28 Mixed Fruit
9:54 Nuts
11:13 Snickers Dessert
15:41 Conclusion

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10 Replies to “Bionic Blade vs BlendJet 2: Which Portable Blender is Better?”

  1. I have the original BlendJet that is used for making smoothies, and it hasn't really failed. The problem with making a Snickers ice cream shake is that the caramel hardens after being mixed with the ice cream. I'm not sure why they would advertise this, seeing as that is the reason the Bionic Blade kept getting stuck. However, for what I would use it for, I wouldn't mind saving $20 and getting the Bionic Blade. There's just something about carrying around the entire blender with the blade and drinking from it that I don't like. However, my BlendJet still works fine to this day.

  2. My only problem with the comparison is that for some of the blend jet recipes, it calls for two cycles. If the Bionic Blade has a 30-second cycle, it's only fair to do two cycles for Blendjet. Also, do or die, he should have used both as directed. Not turn the Blendjet upside-down, and using less liquid than directed. That being said, I love my Blendjet, I may pick up a Bionic as a backup.

  3. Glad you did this. Saw and ad and wonder how they compared. Not that I'm interested in either.

  4. There's a lot I like better about the blendjet, but I'd prefer the bionic blade because of how the knives are on top.

    I know this is an extremely rare scenario, but imagine if the blade broke off… With the bionic blade, you'd notice that pretty quickly as you take the knives off or turn it around.

    The blendjet is another story. The blades will typically be hidden underneath whatever you've blended.

    Now, I know this isn't something you tend to think about with a normal blender, but these seem to kind of have the whole point being that you drink straight out of them. With that being said, I'd very much prefer to not accidentally swallow a super sharp blade.

  5. "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." –John Wooden

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