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  1. alll great tutorial except that it's impossible to rotate the fucking cards, pissing me off

  2. The first rule every magician learns is :
    #1. Never tell them how it's done.
    Why on earth would you expose magic to the public? Do you have Paul Harris's permission to expose his creation? If not, shame on you.

  3. I like to use the king and queen of one suit from one deck and the ace of the same suit from your other deck. I tell a story where the king and queen have an "energetic child"

  4. Very cool !
    I tried this out, but forced the off coloured card on them also. Making it blow there minds even more.
    Daniel Garcia has a great force that allows you to not show the back of the cards. Its' almost as free choice as the Classic force. Penguin Magic live tutorials are great. Thanks for the upload.

  5. Great trick! And yeah, people always look for another ace of spades. removing it kind of convinces them that you actually changed its color. Thanks for a gd tutorial !

  6. Sorry my little sister hit post on my phone but I just wanted to say I hope you keep making videos so bye and have a wonderful day

  7. You know Evan or jarek whichever you would like to be called you're the main reason to me becoming a magician I'm 13 and someday I would like to become a professional and I just wanted to say your awesome and thank you for making these videos they have helped me grow in skill greatly

  8. Any more information about that deck spreading plz? :X In video is said – about that later… Havent found that later yet… 😀

  9. do u really need the blue card? ur never showing it and it just makes the trick harder because u have to worry about not showing the blue card

  10. EVERYONE, this is a trick called "THE BIZZARE TWIST" by Paul Harris that is featured in his book "The Art of Astonishment"!!!!! paul harris and this book deserves FULL credit for this tutorial! and i think it is horrible that this tutorial was freely posted on youtube when it should be bought in honor of the amazing PAUL HARRIS!

  11. good trick performed well but just as a thought wouldn't Elmsley count be more effective for showing 3 red cards?

  12. I learned this trick here and made a video and posted it (giving you credit) to show my brother back home. Hope you don't mind. Great tutorial by the way.

  13. im searching for this trick! now i found it! thx man ur awesome! greetings from philippines.!

  14. Hey there, good job. This trick is actually called "Bizarre Twist" and was created by Paul Harris a couple of decades ago. Take a look at his video on youtube. You should really give him credit when revealing his trick. Don't mind people revealing, but I think we should try to give credit where credit is do

  15. whats the use of the blue if in the end you will reveal it to them.?

    (plss answer fast)

  16. i am haveing troble with the spliting of the cards and puting the ace in the middle

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