Blending Sculpey Clay Using the Skinner Blend Technique The Skinner Blend allows you to create a single sheet of polymer clay containing beautiful gradation of color. These sheets can then be incorporated into any project. This technique is fun and easy – with amazing results! You can use any Sculpey polymer clay which can be purchased at

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  1. @jody dobbins
    Once you have used the pasta machine for clay, you should no longer use it for pasta or any food product.  The pasta machine and tools featured in this video are all available for purchase on our website.

  2. I use my pasta machine to make pasta but I would like to use it with polymer clay,so is there any way to wash it ????

  3. Acrylic rollers will work but they are much more labor intensive. You should be able to find a pasta machine for < $30 especially when they are on sale. One thing to remember though is if you use your pasta machine for polymer clay DO NOT use it for food after you've used it for polymer clay. I use the "Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®" along with the "Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® Motor" so I couldn't imagine ever using an acrylic roller again, but I did at the start!

  4. That is a Sculpey brand blade, very nice, I've got the set. You should be able to find them at any store that sells polymer clay and polymer clay supplies.

  5. You do such beautiful things an inspiration to anyone!!!!! Well done, thank you so much

  6. I perfer fimo soft because it's softer than the rest. The other ones are really hard if you like pinch your nail in the top and if i leaves a mark that means its soft and if it doesn't it means it is hard

  7. @carissa1201 Yes – you can use a roller, it will just take a bit more time

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