Boost Credibility at Work – Eliminate these 2 things! #SHORTS

I’ve been in countless business meetings with professionals where they do these two things when they speak, and it unintentionally undermines their credibility.⁣
Instead of just sharing ideas, thoughts or perspectives with confidence at work, people often say something to ‘soften’ their communication. ⁣

Things like:⁣
• “I JUST want to say…”⁣
• “I’m no expert, but…”⁣
• “This might be a silly idea…”⁣
• “I haven’t really thought this through…”⁣
• “Sorry if this is going off track…”⁣

While this self-effacing language is often use to create a more collegial or collaborative atmosphere among those you work with, it actually diminishes your message and weakens your position.

Scrap them! Be confident when you communicate. It WILL make a difference to how you’re perceived.


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27 Replies to “Boost Credibility at Work – Eliminate these 2 things! #SHORTS”

  1. Some people take it as attitude issue if we use confirm solid statement.. work from home sucks .. we can't see them and there alway misunderstanding

  2. Wow Shade, thank you so much for making and sharing your videos, they are so great! Is there any book you recommend that summarize your suggestions?

  3. Could you please help understanding what to use instead of softeners? Or it is like we have to just go ahead and speak your mind without being apologetic

  4. To be able to say that, one needs to do the homework. And if someone consistently communicates only after the homework is done thoroughly, credibility invariably improves.
    Essentially this advice is about work culture than the language.

  5. But wht if u are wrong but u eliminated softeners , your boss gon drop a hard one on you

  6. Ur work is a development of humanity. This is a good deed from u. Thankyou so much for sharing so amazing ideas.

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