Braised Asparagus is Great | Kenji's Cooking Show

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Here’s my braised asparagus recipe, written down:

24 Replies to “Braised Asparagus is Great | Kenji's Cooking Show”

  1. Your videos are always the best💯 I do receive a notification each time you post a new video. We'll have regrets for things we did not participate in……Investment should always be on any creative man's heart for success in life.

  2. I love nice and simple recipes like this. Just made it with a tiny twist. I added a tiny bit (1/5 teaspoon) of dill and 2 cloves of minced garlic. I fried my garlic separately to just barely yellow and blend it in the sauce which I reduced on it own because I wanted my asparagus to be Al dente. I picked the asparagus out after 3-4 min and placed them on a plate while I was reducing the sauce. Apart from that, I used chicken stock instead and black pepper in the end rather than with salt during seasoning. It tasted absolutely amazing! Thank you Kenji for this amazing recipe!!

  3. Learned from Jacques. Its good, and the technique is adaptable to a number of types of veg.

  4. The dogs were not trying to escape. They were merely contemplating getting acculturated with the neighborhood. (As if any one would want to run away from your cooking. Simply inconceivable.)

  5. Gonna try this next time I make asparagus, I've yet to be led wrong by any recipe of yours- you're my default goto if I am not 100% sure how I want to cook a thing 🙂 After hating asparagus for 30 years courtesy of PTSD from canned asparagus (an absolute Geneva Convention violation of a food crime) I fell in love with roasted fresh asparagus a few years ago.

  6. Your food and techniques are great! (And I think it's sweet that you share a taste with your friends…shared food is always tastier.)

  7. My wife just survived Lymphoma. Thank you, Science and Medicine. I'm cooking healthy things for her, and this will make a great side. Thank you, Kenji! Great information, as always.

  8. I personally love a tiny bit of acid to finish, just a bit of fresh lemon juice

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