Brilliant ways to upgrade your outdoor space on a budget!

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29 Replies to “Brilliant ways to upgrade your outdoor space on a budget!”

  1. Please don't throw away all these great ideas and good production by playing horrific, bad and annoying music.
    PLEASE there are many free better soundtracks and many struggling artists who will work free for credit and acknowledgement. I love your videos but, I am left feeling shaken , unhappy and uncomfortable because of the disturbing music.

  2. I am a bit envious of minds that have the ability to be so creative. That, and some of these showed having a partner who would help with projects – unlike my husband who has even less ability to thinking creatively and actually do anything related to making something. LOL! Having said that, I am saving this video for future ideas.

  3. I hope these creators get paid or submit their videos here….they aren't even listed

  4. I liked all these ideas!! I am def going to try to replicate some of them for my front porch!!! 🙂 TFS!!! 💚

  5. This just popped up next, sorry but most not my style. Ideas not bad. Some is execution. Check before doing that rock wall. Last city I lived in it was outlawd for safety reasons in front yards.

  6. Love the show, thank you for sharing. What are the measurements for the hanging chandelier. Would like to make one for my patio.

  7. wow.. some of the ugliest most awful things I've ever seen crammed into the first 40 seconds..
    I suspect half of the objects wouldn't have lasted that long.. truly bad..

  8. Thank you so much very very nice ideas. Please stay safe and well too xxx Mags

  9. Like the ideas but would like 2 know where u get the stencils & transfers. Please change the music.

  10. Niiiiice! 👍👍👍👍👍👍
    So many ideas! I enjoyed the video,thank you.

  11. Okay— but the real question is where do I find that holder for the solar lights?!

  12. Some of these ideas are great, is there a more step by step video of these projects?

  13. I am not a fan of placing my potted plants on high spaces. While they look very attractive draped r hanging, I need easy access to my plants. Plants need to be monitored not only for watering routines but also to check for pests and diseases. I eyeball my plants everytime I pass their way. Sometimes it's easy to overlook some problem even when the plants r close to u- especially if u own a lot of plants.

  14. great ideas and I really appreciate how well the video was shot and edited to make this quick and fun to watch! p.s. love the Carolina sweatshirt – go Heels!

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