Burger Tips for Vegans & Adults

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Just some quick little tips to improve your vegan burger game!

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17 Replies to “Burger Tips for Vegans & Adults”

  1. I like your videos a lot more than I thought I would because you aren't one of those people trying to shove being vegan down my throat and instead just show off vegan food.

  2. Omg!! That’s EXACTLY how I do it too except I don’t have a burger press so I just use the bottom of my 4 cup liquid measuring cup with parchment paper between it and the burger! ????

  3. Not a vegan, but it annoys me how there's always people in the comments trying to clown on vegan content creators simply because they're vegan. Always the same lame jokes, too. Mad respect to you all for being able to keep making good food and content in spite of all of the unfunny weirdos who think making fun of vegans is a personality trait

  4. Wish my family was more supportive of me being vegan as a kid bc growing up I always threw us and got sick when eating most meats turns out later on in life I am extremely sensitive to most red meats and grease and allergic to pork

  5. Vegans be raving there eating healthy and non processed food, but than the eat this monstrosity of processed vegetables

  6. Have you experimented with smashing the balls on the skillet? I love a good smash burger, but havent found a good way to make em with impossible at homes

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