BURN 100 CALORIES | In Home QUICK Workout

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Hi everyone!! Welcome back to my channel!!
Not sure if y’all noticed, but I took a week off of YouTube- and that was because I actually launched my activewear brand! WOOHOO! Austin Active is finally here! So excited to share my new clothes with you on AustinActive.com

Repeated two times through, this workout will have you burning up to 100 calories!! In just under 20 min! CRAZY!!! Try it and let me know what you think!
Love you guys!


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19 Replies to “BURN 100 CALORIES | In Home QUICK Workout”

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  2. I was like Litterly done, and i tought, ahw yes, i burned 100 calories, but nope, i was Just at the half

  3. when she got too the lunges, I literally could not move my legs after 10 seconds because they are really sore

  4. Okay basically if u didn’t see it says do it two times from up to 100 cal burn so it might not be accurate. Still it’s 10 so I think it’s worth it. You got this <3

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  8. Her: By the way, don't slack. The more you move the more calories you burn!

    Wait- what since when?!

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