Bushcraft Knots Tutorial

A tutorial on knots that I use for bushcraft. I am not an expert really, I just use these knots a lot and this is my way of doing things.
Do not use these knots for climbing or any other dangerous activities!
Following knots are covered:
– Clove hitch with slipped overhand knot (mastwurf mit slipstek)
-Trucker’s hitch (spanner mit slipstek)
-Tautline hitch (stopper stek)
-Bowline (palstek)
-Butterfly (schmetterlingsknoten)
-Sheet bend (schotstek)
-Highwayman’s Hitch / Falconer’s Knot (anbindeknoten)

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  1. I was a lineman when I’d teach rigging to trainees I would show them your style tying the bowline and I’d have to show themselves times some guys need to hear the story of the rabbit coming out of its hole around the tree and back down the holes

  2. Vergiss nicht den "Maurerknoten" 🙂 Nützt mit in vielen Anwendungen vor allem Hängematten etc

  3. I always forget how to tie these knots and I always come back to this video. I love this video it's great. thank you for sharing.

  4. When it comes to knots I'd trust a German, Austrian and French over an American any day. They are the inventors the Prusik,schwabisch , French prusik, etc.

  5. Sehr gut! Very clear and well presented. You English is certainly better than my German.

  6. In English, "Anbindeknoten" called Halter hitch or Hitching tie or Texas bowline or Falconer's knot. All same.

  7. Sehr gut erklärt und interessant. Besonders schöne Variante des Palstek .

  8. 0:57 I have looked into this Anbinderknoten and what I have discovered is that it is called a node-knot or binding knot.
    The node is basically the 'binder' part of the knot (anBINDERknoten). The binder in this knot is the part that is quick release, it helps to securely bind the knot around the pole or bar you're hitching to. In America this knot is often referred to as the HORSE KNOT as it is a quick way of securing a horse to a fixed point with the ability to be released quickly.

  9. The Sheet Bend is also good for joining 2 or 3 smaller ropes to one bigger one (or even the same size).  Just bunch all three together and tie as for one smaller rope.  Try it – its pretty cool!

  10. Good video, thanks. Your version of the tautline hitch is called the Tarbuck hitch it is popular with climbers.

  11. Super useful video, great work! I've recently bought a DD 3×3 tarp – so going to practice lots of these! 😀

  12. Thousand thanks. This was exactly what I need to learn. My Tarp arrives in a few Days, and several of them knots (if not all) Will I be practicing in reality. Thank you very much

  13. Brilliant! at last a truckers hitch video that is clear and well explained. Thank you!

  14. Do you not know what knot not to use?
    This is probably THE most illustrated and well-explained demonstration of how to do this. Absolutely fantastic. Thank You!

  15. 1:00 Anbinder Knoten is called a Halter hitch in English. Don't know if someone has already mentioned it.

  16. super clear explanantion of the making and working of the knots…
    I know the Anbindeknoten in Englisch as the Halter hitch.,

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