Bushradical behind the scenes….with Special Guest from Season 9 of ALONE. Happy 4th of July 2022

Hey everybody, I hope you’re all having a wonderful forth of July!! Today I’m going to talk about where this channel is at , what I’m up to, the inner workings of why I’m so slow in putting out content, and we’re going to hang out with Terry Burns from Season 9 of AlONE……in Valdez Alaska!!!

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  1. Brooke and I are going out to lunch ……I'll be back in a while to answer your comments..

  2. If you're not enjoying what you do, then we aren't likely to enjoy it either.

  3. I think many of us are starting WAY behind you. Maybe make some videos of how to plan for a build, what’s the cut list look like, what tools are needed, how do you winterize the cabin, how do you prepare it for spring, and also very specific skills like squaring off a cabin, finding the level, etc. very specific skills that are skills that the average person doesn’t know but you do! 🙂

  4. I just stumbled across one of your videos by happy accident and loved it. I just watch for the scenery the skill and the end product and also pick up some tips for the next time I build something. Also nothing better than after a long day, watching someone else work while drinking hot tea to relax. Love from the UK. Keep at it!

  5. You do what you love to do, that's what matters time is short. Been to Alaska twice and live in Mid Michigan so both your videos and Brooks's videos are of great interest to me. Even just everyday life happenings of your lives are great to watch, especially for us old foggies that just can't do what we use to nor what we loved to do.

  6. Dave. How about ALASKA PROSPECTING? It's up to you… show us the nitty gritty of finding colors… BE RADICAL!

  7. I like the simplicity of nature. Just take me for a drive or a walk down the road or trail. I want to see the fireweed in bloom, the trees, the water, birds at the feeder in the snow, the scenery. It's about the journey.

  8. I appreciate your demonstrated respect for your viewers. A cup of quality content is more satisfying than a boatload of nothing.

  9. Part of what I like about this channel is that you value quality over quantity. Take all the time you need.

  10. Quit being picky, post more stuff already! Lol. Cooking on woodstoves. What are the best methods. Day to day cabin life stuff. How u go about off grid stuff in each cabin youve built 🤷‍♀️ more food, more coffee, more dogs. How you build stuff….just do it man. Its cool maybe fishing videos?

  11. Yes, I had noticed you do not put out many videos. But when you do, They have purpose, are interesting, and make us look forward to the next one. When Moose was out of your view, it made me smile. Our dog, I believe, hides on purpose. Our driveway is not closed in, so I want to keep her in my view so she doesn’t run off. But she knows how to lay on the lawn, behind the grill, so I don’t see her. Also just around the corner of the car or right next to the garage. I finally just put her back in the house so I don’t bother the neighbors by calling her every few minutes. Anyway, I really do enjoy your videos as well as Brooks videos. Thank you for sharing

  12. Hi From Sweden, I've been following You and your Wife for almost two yrs now, i love your channel, you make me laugh when you say never bored the audience,. What you don't know is 90% of the Audience is bored thats why we are in youtube, seriously! i will love more content from you and your wife because you guys are interesting couples,i will like to get to know you guys more, eventhough i've been watching you guys for sometimes i still feel like i don't really know you, don't for about us from the other side of the world i will never get bored watching. God bless you both.

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