Cabinet and Desk w/ Sliding Top and Angled Drawers

I built this deep cabinet and desk to remodel a corner in the studio that has a door. Free tool for organizing creative projects – Sign up to Milanote for free with no time-limit:
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Some of the materials/tools used in this project:
Heavy Duty Drawer slides
Mini Hand Vacuum
Tiny Japanese Clamps
Set of 2 Red Corner Clamps
Set of 2 Red Squares
Red Precision Square 200mm
Red Precision Square 300mm
Red Large T-Square
Track Saw
Domino Joiner
Orbital Sander

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26 Replies to “Cabinet and Desk w/ Sliding Top and Angled Drawers”

  1. Very nice work again, Cris! It's always fun to see you create things, even though I myself am not skilled enough to even measure and saw a simple shelf for my toilet ????

  2. I know this is a weird request for your shop as many people don't do it… jigsaw puzzle.

  3. Wonderful project and design as usual! I love when you share you thought process in working through things you hadn’t planned for. You quickly showed when you were vacuuming out one of the drawers and I am very curious what kind of vacuum that is? I have been looking for a good and small vacuum for my workspace and what you are using looks like a good size!

  4. That sofa bed project is the very first video I ever saw on your channel and after watching I hit that subscribe button so fast lol then I went to your very first video and binged watched every video and haven’t missed a video since. Christiana you have come a very long way in your woodworking skill you are way ahead of the game.

  5. Great work Cris, love how you show your mistakes and how you overcome them thumbs up ????

  6. I love your creativity and problem solving skills—both when things don’t work out right and to fit custom solutions to unique spaces!

  7. Cris – very nice project – particularly the "save" at the end. We're all faced with those, and you recover very gracefully! Also, a compliment on your sponsor, Milanote. I rarely comment on that, but have found Milanote to be very useful in my own projects.

  8. "I'm not making fine furniture here"
    proceeds to build stunning, highly functional and quite complex piece of furniture with a really smart double drawer slides trick 😀 😀
    Awesome work as always! 🙂

  9. Wow this was a GREAT video! I love the added elements, like showing your sister and your packing items. Good job Cristiana!!! ????????

  10. What a joy that cabinet was to see finished. Great angles and clever ideas and I love the fact that you are not afraid to show mistakes – we all do them as you know and yes, when your Fostner bit slipped – oh ya – been there!

  11. Você estava cortando madeira as 22:00 hs? Como é a relação com seus vizinhos com relação ao barulho?
    No demais, excelente como sempre! Bjs

  12. Amazing work, Cris! It turned out fantastic! ????
    Stay safe there with your family! ????????

  13. That turn out great!! I did redo my workbench recently too with some improvements ????????

  14. Vos vidéos sont toujours plaisants et imaginatifs! Bravo et merci pour le partage!

  15. I could tell it was your design just by the thumbnail! You have a certain design language / aesthetic that is unique to you, to the extent that I can point it out even though my subs are filled with similar maker content. It was instantly recognizable as your work, and I think that is pretty awesome!

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