Can Chocolates Enhance Your Intellect? | Sadhguru Answers

Sadhguru speaks about the benefits of consuming cocoa seeds and sugar-free chocolate.

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17 Replies to “Can Chocolates Enhance Your Intellect? | Sadhguru Answers”

  1. He has good knowledge but of no use….because it cannot solve people problems…..its good to hear…..but not practically in life

  2. Дозвольте перекладати субтитри автоматично. Let subtitles be translated automatically.

  3. I get 85% dark chocolate from Aldis, only $1.99 for 5 bars. I eat half a bar daily. It's Bitter but I'm used to it now.

  4. I recently discovered this also. I would wake up late at night to eat chocolate and go back to sleep. I saw that my body was wanting this during sleep. I decided to buy a 90% dark chocolate bar and see what eating this before bed could do for me. It is very rough to eat 90% small pieces work great. Yes it does have strange benefits.

  5. There’s cocoa and then there’s cacao. Much healthier and deeper taste. It took me a long time to prefer the non sugar type but now I do.

  6. I remember when I was young in Jamaica I saw a chocolate tree. I open the shell and chocolate was in it.

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