Can My Fiancé Decorate a CAKE Better Than ME? | Mystery Cake-off!

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22 Replies to “Can My Fiancé Decorate a CAKE Better Than ME? | Mystery Cake-off!”

  1. Mayne next time you can have a theme and pick whatever stuff you want. Maybe it would be less stressful for him and more fun

  2. Kevin you've definitely improved way to go and love the decorating and colors. How do we pick each is really good. But keep up the good work and hope to see another one we love watching you both do it together. You're both are to funny. Lol

  3. I really love Kevin's cake. I'd love to try something like it for my Dad's birthday. He works in mining, and the copper-drip look would be so perfect. ^_^;

  4. Next time you should partition the island so you can’t see the other person’s cake until the end

  5. I want to do this with friends so much but don’t wanna do the set up lol

  6. Laurie definitely wins. However, Kevin’s was good and he’s improving a lot!

  7. Both cakes are lovely… I cannot decide whose is best… 🤗🌟👏🏻

  8. I can’t choose. You both did a great job! But if I must I’m going with Kevin. He needs the confidence for the next round!!

  9. He’s skill has come a long way! I think the copper and blue looks great

  10. OMG you two are simply ADORABLE!! I’m LOVING the videos with KAURIE!! More please!! 😊😃😍😍

    Kevin’s mind games!! 🤣 woah, those mad cake skills tho. 😱👌

  11. What if you do the paper bags but the bags are organized into sections so you have to pick x amount from each section and you know what the type is (tool/icing/decor) but you don't know exactly what it is you'll be choosing until you open the bags. Or have all the things on the table with a number next to it and you have to pick from a bowl of numbers? 😁

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