Can this CHEAP stand mixer beat my KitchenAid?

If you’re an avid home cook, you need a stand mixer, BUT do you need an expensive one? I’m pitting the best rated mixer under $100 against my tried and true KitchenAid to put that question to the test. Use code LAGERSTROM50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at!

Note: this video is not sponsored by hamilton beach or kitchenaid. I purchased both mixers and all opinions expressed in the video are mine.

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0:00 Intro and specs
2:59 Whipped cream test
4:25 Chocolate chip cookie test
7:18 I love not doing dishes (ad)
8:17 Pizza dough
12:20 Brioche
15:09 Scoring, final verdict, & caveats

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17 Replies to “Can this CHEAP stand mixer beat my KitchenAid?”

  1. Are there any other cheap stand mixers you have used and would recommend for someone looking to spend under $100?

  2. I'm kinda disappointed that he didn't close the video saying "let's eat this thiiiiiiing" and started chewing on the Hamilton

  3. great video, I'm still waiting for the "lets eat this thing" and watch Brian dance and eat the stand mixer

  4. all that air in the butter cream escapes when heated. hell chocolate chip cookies retain almost no shape when baked, they're basically a liquid.

  5. Excellent comparison test! I am on my second KitchenAid and that's only because my first one was small so I sold it to get the bigger one. Love KitchenAid! I've had my k600 for maybe 10-12 years now. I had a cottage bakery for a minute and used this absolute workhorse for ALL of it! Best investment ever.

  6. I had a KitchenAid stand mixer for a couple decades that I loved. Now my ex wife has it, but as far as I know, it still works fine. Since I moved a couple times during those decades, I recommend being careful with movers. I had movers who put the mixer in a box, and ended up leaving it on its side. The speed control lever got bent, and a bunch of oil leaked out of it making a mess and probably shortening the mixer’s life. I was pretty irritated, but was able to bend the control lever back enough to make it usable, and the mixer still worked without the oil it lost. If I ever had to move or ship one of those again, though, I would make sure that it stays upright.

  7. I find it weird that the Kitchenaid have become such a dominant and gold standard when there are much more powerful and equally well built mixers (For example the Electrolux 5540, rocking a 1200W motor and built like a tank) in the same price category!

  8. According to r/BuyItForLife, kitchenaid is no longer a good quality brand. The old ones, yes, but apparently the modern ones are made with cheaper materials so the durability suffered. Looks like it started to get worse when Hobart sold it to Whirlpool, on top of that, the artisan line seems to have a plastic worm gear instead of a metal one. Maybe all that is really the case, maybe it's not, I don't know. All I want to say is that before buying any appliance, an indepth research is in order, regardless of the brand's name. Times changed, the good ones may not be good anymore so be careful with where you put your money.

  9. Lot's of fans of this bombproof mixer, I got one too. However like Adam Savage I'm in favor of buying the cheapest tool and replacing it with a better one if and when it breaks -especially if it's a tool that's used seldomly.

  10. The question is will this mixer still work after a couple of years of intense use…

  11. I’ll never buy a modern plastic KitchenFail, they’re not the Hobart they used to be.
    Got rid of all my electric gadgets two decades ago. Balloon whips and hands work better, especially for breads.

  12. Inexcusable for the HB attachments to not properly fit the bowl. Complete non-starter.

  13. Did you do the bowl height adjustment on the Hamilton Beach mixer? I had to do an adjustment on my Kitchen Aid, so it would swipe the bowl clean.

  14. I've had my Kitchenaid KSM50P for going on 30 years, pretty heavy use and its never failed me.

  15. I had a low cost Bosch mixer/blender that I worked hard. 2 years with no issues. Just do some research and you don't have to buy expensive, big brand items.

  16. I purchased my KitchenAid well over 10 years ago and haven't looked back. That baby can take anything I throw at it and I've had no issues. I will note that I am careful with the paddle attachment since it's enamel coated and I don't want to ding or chip it so I always wash it by hand. I haven't had to replace the stainless steel bowl either. Just love the darn thing.

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