Candlesticks Vol 1 – Candlestick Design Candlestick Charting – Vol 1 – Candlestick Design

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  1. Mself a beginner and iam here to learn candle stick patterns and analysis. for me your videos are easily comprehensible. this was referred to me by Vikram Prabhu

  2. Fantastic content by you sir, 👏plz suggest me how to take my trading to next level after watching all of your videos?

  3. Lance; first of all a huge thank you for the time, knowledge, care and love put into making this serie of videos on Reversal Candle sticks. After reading Steve´s Nison book on candle sticks, you videas ar the "cherry on top of the cake". The part that I love the most is the "psuchology" part behind every candle formation you put so much emphasis on. You have a great talent as an educator. Thank you so much, stay safe and healthy !!!

  4. You are really awesome sir because you gave reply for every comment even after 12years….its really a good thing – From India

  5. Hellow I new frend.Thank you so much.I like vidio so good.

  6. Hi Lance, I am Masoud, from Dezful, Khouzestan, Iran and very excited about all the fantastic materials you provided us with and I am really thankful about the vision you gave us and time you put here. It is big! it is good! and I thank you in simplest words I find. Hope to see you in Iran after Corona!

  7. Thank you sir.
    I have seen your all videos & those are amazing all. You are a great teacher. Keep it up.. Pls make song videos about crude oil.
    Thanks a lot. 😊 from India !!!

  8. Thank you for these educational videos. It really helped me a lot in understanding candlesticks. Just a little suggestion: Please use a de-esser (plugin) next time when recording vocals. My ears hurt like hell every time the letter S is used in a word. Keep up the good work! Love from Holland.

  9. thanks for this great set of videos… really helped me understand the concept of candlestick better…..pls do you have any more educational videos??

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