Card Trick Tutorial – False Cuts (1/3)

Learn how to do convincing false cuts.

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26 Replies to “Card Trick Tutorial – False Cuts (1/3)”

  1. The swing and swivel cuts are legit cuts. They can be used to control the top card, but not necessarily the entire deck.

  2. The Only False Cut Was The First One He Did…. The Swing And Swivle Cuts Wernt, But i think He was teaching it to u So That When u had a break then u could do The Swing Cuts Till u get to the break

  3. Learning the actual shuffle is easier than i thought, but i guess its gonna be long to master where it becomes second nature lol

  4. Hey umm.. I've watched this video multiple of times and I STILL don't know how the "Swinging" and "Swivel" Are false cuts? I really need your help at this one, thanks. Please respond.

  5. @CHSD They are u just gotta do some switching when swinging the packets, swinging the right packets at the right time can create an illusion of doing a complete cut but actually it's false.

  6. Woo! Jarek went from being a geeky guy to a person who can person who picks up chicks with his magic tricks!

  7. @stathis kapnides Probably Adobe After effects but Sony's Vegas Pro 12 is an easier alternative.

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