16 Replies to “Casting A Bronze Adapter.”

  1. Это прекрасно, а выдержат ли другие детали твоей зернотёрки?

  2. If anyone wants an quicker easier fix mill/grind or flat/square. Find or buy or even make something to fit.

  3. The shaft had three lobes, you should have been able to chuck up on those three flats with a Jacob's chuck.

  4. ???? I would have just watched something in to place that worked you you fabricate and cast a whole new part ????????????

  5. I miss your videos like this …. Let’s see the Bronze cannon fire !!! If not – remake it and try again ????

  6. Back when they actually HAD shop class, that was one of the things we did, too. Cut up aluminum engines and other parts, to do sand casting. I still have everything I made.

  7. Please let me express my utmost appreciation of how you're using the minimal possible aspect ratio that still qualifies as a "short". ????

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