Century-Old Duplex Townhome Given Modern, Open-Concept Renovation | Good Bones | HGTV

Mina and Karen take on the renovation of a century-old duplex in Indianapolis, Indiana. They decide to keep both units separate and begin the renovation with one townhome. The interior is in rough shape, and demolition exposes several troublesome issues, but the team can still see potential for a unique “Boho Industrial” vibe. With a budget of $150,000, they create an open-concept living space on the main floor and add a second full bathroom for maximum functionality. A bright white kitchen, sleek tile and exposed duct work completes the team’s modern vision.

Unstoppable mother-daughter duo Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak transform rundown houses into stunning urban remodels in Indianapolis. See this dynamic team in action as they revitalize their hometown one property at a time.
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14 Replies to “Century-Old Duplex Townhome Given Modern, Open-Concept Renovation | Good Bones | HGTV”

  1. I love the open design with the "up and down" 1/2 stair — great just to be able to see through it to the back. I don't see the need for a dining table, bar seating AND seating at the kitchen island! Perhaps a little 1/2 bath downstairs could have been included instead of 3 eating areas?

  2. Maybe not spending ten minutes filming a chainsaw, and provide more footage of the final product? I've seen chainsaws.

  3. What you don’t know what we got to see was fabulous but balance is needed where we can see a little bit of what it was like but more of what you’ve done that’s the whole point is we didn’t get to see upstairs we didn’t get to see a bathroom????????????‍♀️

  4. Not a family home yet they show it to a family!!!!!! Dining/seating for 14 yet a single sofa?????? How much fun would it be to drag a toddler up the stairs to potty!!!!! If just a couple that likes to entertain buys……..after dinner for 6 let's all go into the living room…….oops!!!!!! Again they all have to climb the stairs to go potty!!!!! Form over function AGAIN!!!!!????????

  5. The baby washing sink…hahahha I didn't get that part….that house was dead and u guys gave it life..

  6. I would love to see the whole Home ????????????????????????❤️ ❤️????????????. The first floor was NICE VERY. Thank you.

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