Cheap Generator Better Than Honda? Predator vs Honda & GENMAX—Let’s Settle This!

Honda vs Predator and Genmax Inverter Generators compared for fuel efficiency, voltage drop during high energy demand applications, cleanliness of electricity (pure sine wave), noise, vibration, and engine wear. I hired an independent oil lab to analyze the motor oil for engine wear metals after almost 98 hours of engine use. Honda EU2200i, GENMAX GM2200i, Predator 2000.

I bought all 3 generators and everything used to test them to ensure an unbiased review. So, thank you for supporting the channel!

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Predator: Available at Harbor Freight

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15 Replies to “Cheap Generator Better Than Honda? Predator vs Honda & GENMAX—Let’s Settle This!”

  1. Started to watch your channel 6 months ago and it’s very addicting sir. Keep it up.

  2. I literally bought predator a couple months back to run the 12V AC system I installed on my semi. It burned a lot of gas the first night but I can run it without eco mode under high load for over 10 hours on just over a gallon of gas. It’s super quiet and I bought the more expensive of HF two types of extended warranty. For right around $850 I get I think two years no questions asked in store replacement. I just bring it in the store and walk out with a new one. I figure even though the Honda is a better machine I can burn through a couple of these things for around the same price.

  3. Cordless razors and also groomers/trimmers would be interesting. How close they shave, vibration, wear, ease of use, features, waterproof, etc. Most people shave/trim so I see a huge viewer base for those reviews.

  4. Preditor is more fuel efficient because it is burning engine oil . Both of the other clones have smaller displacement engine. So they are stressing the engine more & using cheaper components in inverter & permanent magnet alternator. So they don't hold up to voltage that well
    Puresine wave is required for running microwave, induction motors. Fir electronics like computers even straight dc works well.
    They convert the power to dc so they do not care about input waveform. Just give the right voltage & they are happy.
    I ran a square wave ups that had over 55% thd for 20 years not a single issue.
    So if you are only powering a computer then that tailgator is fine if you can handle the 2 stroke fumes & noise

  5. Cheap equipment can be justified for occasional, non-critical uses but think twice before convincing yourself that this product-on-the-cheap philosophy will magically pull through in demanding situations. No one who needs reliable power in remote locations should consider a knock-off generator. The low-cost manufacturers can only afford to copy the Honda feature set and they have to cut corners in material and quality control in order to bring you a $400 generator. You can tell by the excessive wear metals and sloppy power output that the knock-offs have no intention of building a reputation to keep you coming back to their product. The goal is to sell a higher quantity for a cheaper price since half the customers will never return after experiencing disappointment. That is the polar opposite of Honda’s philosophy where they design products to keep you coming back to the brand again and again. Great test, Todd, and a real education!

  6. I decided to buy a Wen df250i, which is similar in size to these gens, but is dual fuel capable and about 200 running watts higher than these tested. $496 from the Wen website

  7. I ran a wen 2250 generator for 2 weeks straight after hurricane Ida. I did change the oil everyday. I would love to see you test that one. It did the job but it's one of the more economical ones.

  8. One metric people might want to know, is does quality scale linearly with price. This is super subjective, but I think most of us know it doesn't, but it would be interesting to see them compared. If I am being unclear, let's say we have two items. One's cost is 200% greater than the other. Does the the expensive one reduce noise 200%, increase efficiency 200%, increase lifespan 200%, etc. Do you get a 2x better product for 2x the price?

  9. Yes, Id like to see how a Champion 3400 dual fuel generator compares with its
    peers. Honda, Yamaha, and a Chinese knockoff

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