Chef Jeremy Chan's Two Michelin-Starred Restaurant Is Secretly a Steakhouse — Mise En Place

Chef Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale run one of London’s hottest restaurants. Watch as they process their aged beef and turn it into the foundation of Michelin-starred Ikoyi’s menu, which also offers items like aged sirloin topped with caviar, moin moin-inspired dumplings, plantain, and more.

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Producer: Daniel Geneen
Directors: Murilo Ferreira, Daniel Geneen
Camera: Murilo Ferreira, Ian Stroud
Editor: Howie Burbidge

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: Ian Stroud
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Audience Development: Terri Ciccone, Frances Dumlao, Avery Dalal
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26 Replies to “Chef Jeremy Chan's Two Michelin-Starred Restaurant Is Secretly a Steakhouse — Mise En Place”

  1. I don't agree with you in this section.
    I think his cuisine is just and inspired and Can assume with confidence the two stars.
    And i also dont understand why so many bad comments.
    Thank you man, great day

  2. Glad you guys went to Ikoyi, Jeremy is off-the-charts talented in all sorts of weird ways – he also has photographic memory, and he speaks seven languages fluently… mad!

  3. Can't dispute the reviews online they all say the food is amazing. Can't see that many actual west africans eat there though.

  4. The second the cameras turn off, the mandolin comes out for those plantains ????????

  5. I understand not wasting food but…. also dont alot of Resaurant use the excess to feed staff? and what is it with oh if its high class it has to have caviar …what places dont serve some fish eggs and just serve regular food all these glazes made from the feelings of a mothers kiss. its food I enjoy it but when each place goes im different and then the next shot is them just topping it in caviar they really all are the same?

  6. A chef that doesnt even taste his food wtffff. Obviously hella skilled but not even tasting it?

  7. So a chef who has only worked in kitchens for 2 years and doesn't taste his own food. Looks like he has some learning to do lol

  8. It looks pretty and all, but that is not enough food on the plate. People want to eat, to stave off hunger. You are not feeding people. You are being stingy with food and charging a ridiculous price!

  9. Pretty impressing how he can work with so many chefs in a such little kitchen 🙂

  10. This job is depressing, especially when you become a maniac of cooking,go and get a pizza and life will look much simpler

  11. I’ve said it before, these videos are truly art! They are mesmerizing. Keep ‘em coming!

  12. why would you order well done from a fine dining place talk about paying for expensive food then ruining it

  13. i went here in september last year and it was a brilliant meal. the flavours are superb. technique is as good as anything anywhere. the flavours lean on the more novel side but most dishes were just really tasty. the turbot and sweet bread were highlights. pity london is so damn expensive.

  14. Literally must be the only Michelin star chef to have never tasted his finished dishes… ever…

    But if it works for him it works !

  15. Did that dude just put a crumbed banana on a plate and called it fine dining?

  16. The sad part is – the people who can afford to eat at these restaurants are usually dirtbags.

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