27 Replies to “Chef Trick For Cutting Onions”

  1. Except if I cut it like your "wrong" version I usually cut it finer then your "correct" version AND it's so much faster, why would you ever cut an onion 1 layer at a time?! I guess if you get payed by the hour xD

  2. Alternatively, you could just cut your onions but… you know… finer…

  3. Joshua … you have been cutting onions this way in your videos the whole time LOL.

    Also there is nothing finer and better than Marco Pierre's onions cutting.

  4. Chef of 23 years, I get brunoix the first way except I don't the the horizontal cut.

  5. No not me I'm a professional private chef ???? and I knew this trick ????????‍????

  6. Bro not to call you out but a good mandolin will do the same fine dining cut sorry

  7. I would bet $20,000 that this guy just saw the Chef Marco Pierre White daytime radio video that just went through the algorithm, and is trying to pass this recreation off as his own content.

  8. rare miss from this guy. i can get my onions just as fine cutting the first way. in fact i dont even see the benefit of separating the layers except wasting time. Maybe you just dont sharpen your own knives? you need a very sharp knife to do fine detail work. @me for proof, but only OP

  9. You can get them fine like that with the first method. Just cut each cut more close to each other

  10. That's too much work for an onion. The first way was just fine and I think Gordon Ramsay, who's a professional, famous chef says that it's the easiest and best way he's probably right. He ALWAYS suggests this.

  11. Meanwhile, me just randomly chopping at different angles over and over again until i feel they're small enough

  12. You see there’s nothing wrong with either way you cut it. But if you want to avoid crying. Do not cut the ends. Either cut it down the middle and slice it down before you reach the end. Or you can do what he did. As professionals cooks do.

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