Chefs Speak Out on Mental Health in the Restaurant Industry | WSJ

Chefs and restaurateurs talk about the harsh work culture and stigma of mental illness in their industry. Photo Illustration/Video: Natalia V. Osipova/The Wall Street Journal

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17 Replies to “Chefs Speak Out on Mental Health in the Restaurant Industry | WSJ”

  1. Omg!! I don't know what to do right now!! Am so passionate about cooking since i was 8, seeing this video terrifies me!! Pls help me guys idk what to do whether i should change my career option but i luv it so much!!!

  2. I been working in a family restaurant since I was 12 I’m a nut case. But I make it work

  3. I have made a decisio n inside myself .. I leave the industry I have no more power inside me to continue

  4. I feel this wat somewhat a lot. I work at a popular restaurant chain now but then I get stressed out because the ppl that work there sometimes don't take there jobs seriously which it's easy to have that rub off feel. It hurts

  5. Awful industry. Low pay nothing can change that. Oppressive culture. Big bullying Egos. Toxic kitchen culture.
    Awful hours. Modern Slaves.
    Awful working conditions. Open abuse.
    Open sexism. Open Racism. Many many more.
    False glamorization of the Trade on the media.

  6. My ultimate dream is to be a chef and I now have my simple small food business but I've never worked in a real kitchen because I know I could not survive in that environment. It's too stressful in there but very low pay. I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, and I'm a very emotional person. I hope things will change for the better in the restaurant industry soon. It doesn't have to be that toxic, you know.

  7. This video touches base on absolutely nothing and just circle jerks on things that anyone in the industry would know, there's nothing constructive to come out of it

  8. I have been a hostess, waitress, and a cashier at restaurants…one thing I’ve noticed is that I think more negatively and I am very stressed when working in that industry- my hair was falling out quickly. I’m thankful to have my delivery apps right now so I can avoid ever going back to that industry. I almost want to throw away my restaurant shoes so I never go back in that field

  9. This industry has destroyed me and i think of suicide everyday. Will it ever be worth it…

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