CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA (New and Improved Recipe)

Time to improve on my original Chicago Deep Dish pizza recipe. This new recipe updates the crust and makes a few other crucial tweaks that take it over the top. Head to and use code BRIAN15 for 15% off storewide.


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DOUGH (makes 1 pizza)
▪375g or 3c AP Flour
▪10g or 2t salt
▪40g or 3Tbsp cubed cold butter
▪220g or 1c warm water (90F/32C)
▪6g or 1 1/2t instant yeast

SAUCE (makes enough for 2 pizzas)
▪50g or 3 1/2T butter
▪100g (1 small or ½ large) white onion, grated
▪15-20g or 4-5 cloves garlic, minced
▪1 28oz/800g can crushed tomatoes
▪1 28oz/800g can whole peeled tomatoes
▪75g or 4T tomato paste
▪10g or 2 1/4t salt
▪20g or 2T sugar
▪2g or 1t dried oregano
▪2g or 1 1/2t dried basil
▪2g 1 1/2t red pepper/chili flakes

HOT ITALIAN SAUSAGE (makes enough for 2 pizza)
▪1lb or 1/2kg 80/20 ground pork
▪7g or 1 1/2t salt
▪10g or 2 1/2t sugar
▪5g or 2 1/2t paprika
▪3g 1 1/2t dried sage
▪2g or 1t black pepper
▪2g or 3/4t red chili flake
▪2-3 cloves of garlic, grated or finely minced
▪3g or 1 1/2t crushed toasted fennel seed
▪10g or 2g red wine vinegar

0:00 Intro
0:34 The dough
2:34 Mixing the sauce
4:00 Making hot italian sausage
4:49 Making a smoky paloma (ad)
5:46 Finishing the sauce & building the pizza
9:32 Baking and serving
10:56 Let’s eat this thing

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19 Replies to “CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA (New and Improved Recipe)”

  1. 9:48 *happy chicagoan noises*

  2. I just got good at doing the old recipe. I do not have a food processor so can I do it in a stand mixer

  3. I made your first recipe. Liked it a lot but am excited for the updated crust. I’ll be making it this weekend! Thanks Brian!!

  4. ???? will fill it with spaghetti bolognese instead of pepperoni, tomatoes and italian sausage ???? can't wait!

  5. The ending credits dance feast is the best part of all your videos for me :))

  6. Geez, the opening shots had me drooling. Definitely looked legit. I'm originally from Chicago, still nearby. I'm a @GinosEast guy but almost ALL pizza is good! I approve of your changes to the original. I mean, shredded mozz? Really? (But then there's the whole "it's all good" thing so you get a pass.) I'm not sure yet how you got the cross-section to be more accurate this time but, seriously: LEGIT!

  7. Just ordered the fennel seeds, & when I get up I'll make the dough, then I'll wait 3 to 5 days to make it, because we all know, it is about the crust!

  8. I'm going to try this, but I'd probably blind bake my crust because I hate a soggy bottom. Thank you Brian!

  9. I love pizza and have making them for nearly 50 years. I made a deep dish a few years ago for my friend who also loves pizza. He would only eat one piece and I had to freeze it as I could only eat two. ( Second one was a mistake ). Sorry to say not a fan.

  10. Your deep dish was the first video I ever watched on your channel and also the first one I commented on. Absolutely insane it has been 2.5 years. Cheers to the next 2.5 years.

  11. Actually I think All Purpose Flour is perfect for a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and Thin Crust too

  12. You gotta try to go for the Lou’s sausage disk instead of dollops to really bring some chicago nostalgia

  13. Deep dish pizza isn't pizza, it's a soup pretending to be a pizza.

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