Childhood Snacks – Fryums

Miss Vickies Jalapeno beats fryums out of the park :). #shorts

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24 Replies to “Childhood Snacks – Fryums”

  1. I've loved these ever since I could literally remember, and I haven't had them in forever, but now I'm starting miss them 🙁

  2. Honestly we used to eat them without frying which kinda explains a few things

  3. Probably getting hate with this answer but… It's peanut butter……… I love them I use to keep stealing our peanut butter and put it in my room and just eat it alone but then, when I was like 9yo I don't like it anymore, I still eat peanut butter with bread and crackers and other stuff but sometimes I just don't like it anymore. Anyways I love the food your cooking I don't know what they are called but me and my brother love them we eat it with sugar

  4. When i was little i actually tried to eat it raw because i wanted to know what it was made back then i thought it was made with some radioactive dough

  5. Same I love them I have not even eaten the in like 4 years I am not lieing

  6. Mine is coca-cola ice pop. There were the cheapest snack that is sold for less than a dollar

  7. My grandpa gave me rainbow spaghetti and im not kidding. It’s real I ate these in my childhood, but not any more

  8. Tell me why it looks like toys,him talking about snacks we had when we was little made it better.

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