Chili Oil Curry Noodles

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I love ‘em spicy n bouncy ?

This is probably the only dish that can make me smile after a 12-hour cramming session. Add your protein of choice to make it more balanced–I’m keeping it low-budget with a savory marinated egg.

Ingredients (serves 1 hungry student)
-6 oz dried knife-cut noodles

-1Tbsp red pepper flakes, or 2 Tbsp if you’re feeling spicy
-4 garlic cloves, minced
-3 scallions, green parts only, thinly sliced
-1½ Tbsp sugar
-1 Tbsp curry powder
-1 Tbsp soy sauce
-1½ Tbsp black vinegar
-1 tsp dark soy sauce
-1 tsp sesame oil
-⅓ cup neutral oil, very hot

For Garnish (optional)
-1 egg, fried or boiled
-1 Tbsp fried onions or garlic
-Fresh cilantro leaves, torn
-1 scallion, very thinly sliced lengthwise
-White or black sesame seeds
-Chili oil

Cook the noodles according to the package instructions, then drain. I cooked mine a little under to keep the chew and bounce!
Make the sauce: In a medium heatproof bowl, combine the red pepper flakes, garlic, scallions, sugar, curry powder, soy sauce, black vinegar, dark soy sauce, and sesame oil. Pour in the hot oil and enjoy the sizzle!
Add the noodles to a large serving bowl, pour the sauce over, and toss until well-coated. Top with your favorite garnishes.

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  1. Curry noodles.. I need to try them in the future..!! Thank you for the update, Tasty..!!

  2. Anybody know what the red pepper powder mixture is that she scoops in??

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