Chocolate Mousse Recipe – Cooking With Melissa Clark | The New York Times

Melissa Clark shows how to make a chocolate mousse for Valentine’s Day that doesn’t use cream or butter.

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Chocolate Mousse Recipe – Cooking With Melissa Clark

18 Replies to “Chocolate Mousse Recipe – Cooking With Melissa Clark | The New York Times”

  1. Melissa this has become a staple in my diners and replaced my French recipe. This is coming from a French woman whose mom was a fantastic cook 😘

  2. i tried this recipe today putting 190ml of cold water to 200g dark chocolate, and then whisked the hell out of it. it worked!
    i even might have over-whisked… it's amazing 😀

  3. I use 1 can of chilled Coconut milk, 1-2 droppers-full of the liquid stevia, 1-2tsp of vanilla. I don't really measure the cocoa, but start with 1/4 a cup or so and add more to taste. I put it in the processor (or blender).

  4. wrong chocolate maybe? or too much water? She doesn't actually say how much water to add, just "one cup of water." Last time I checked, cups weren't all the same size….

  5. I just tried to make this. I did everything the exact same as melissa, but i whisked it for 10+ minutes and it's still pretty liquidy. I figure electric beaters would help, but does anyone have any other suggestions of what the problem might be?

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