Closet Organizing/Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo/Tom Joyner's Black America Web


The GlamTwinz Guide To Longer, Healthier Hair


Thanks to Tom Joyner’s Black America Web for having us!!!

Great job @KrysFranklinTV on our interview we had so much fun!!




Thanks For Watching!

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  1. Kelsey I think you look so pretty pretty pretty and gray and Kendra lol you have said it no better when 👯 was on the panel about keeping it real and true to you 👯 first and with your viewers God bless you I love both of you 👯😘😘 continue to STAND!

  2. Love seeing you guys I want to try the curl products so bad . I think I will buy it and buy you alls book. I'm transitioning so I need all the help I can get

  3. I've gained an idea while watching this video. My closet is full and i have been wondering what to do. Yep, gonna take out all my jeans and fold them up.

  4. What's that lip gloss because I'm looking for it and can't find it anywhere?!?! (PLEASE Kelsey)

  5. I've been using Cleansing Oil for years specifically the MAC one…That has been bae for years haven't felt the need to try any new ones…For cleansing wipes I use them to remove any additional eye makeup that didn't come off completely with the cleansing oil like eyeliner- I use the Neutrogena Moisturizing wipes which are so gentle on the skin. Love both your makeup as usual!

  6. Those light blue jean boots Kelsey wore to the rihanna concert are so hot! I wonder where she bought them

  7. I love that lip gloss that you were wearing Kelsey! such a pretty color it goes well with your skin tone and your dress. I love you both been watching since the very beginning will always support <3

  8. omg love them both and it was sweet what there mom said and i do enjoy ya'll videos keep up the awesome work because anything you bring to the table we will be happy to see it because you do for us your fans 😀

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