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  1. I was going to use "drill rod", but that cost too much, so I'm just using cheap round rod, nothing special about it.

  2. @ryer9000 I've got it up and running. I'm using EMC2 to control it. EMC2 works but imho is a pain in the butt to learn. My linear bearings work good so far but I plan on redoing the x and y rails at some point. I posted another video last week showing it in action. If I had the money to waste, I'd like to make another one.

  3. Just can't imagine why you did it that way. Sorry for pissing you off. Just a suggestion that would have been a lot easier. My table holds a .002 repeatability and it's not even 80/20. Hope yours works out for you in the end. Fun hobby. Refund?

  4. @TheLonetreecreations Nope.. I'm not kidding. Sorry my solution doesn't meet to your specifications. I'd offer you a refund, but since you paid me nothing I feel that I own equal amounts in return.

    I'd be interested in seeing your CNC machine and how you came up with linear bearings. Truth be told, I plan on redoing the X and Y linear bears, using the same setup I did for the Z axis…. and I'm not kidding.

  5. Are you kidding? Those tensioning bolts are ridiculous. All you have to do is drill a hole from the top into your slots for the upper bearing bolts. Tap it for a screw and you're done. Loosen the upper bearing bolts, tighten the screw in the tapped hole so it pushes against the side of the upper bearing bolt thus squeezing it against the Y axis rail. Tighten the upper bearing bolt again and you're done. 2 little tapped holes, 2 little screws, simple. Why would you go through all that bolt shit?

  6. You have a polydactyl cat? Sorry, got distracted. Nice beginning. I'm planning on making one of these 80/20 versions myself sometime in the near future. I guess i should go watch your other videos for the updates but i landed on this one first. haha
    Off to see the others.. Peace!!

  7. What are the measures that are based in this video? (XYZ in milimeters) thanks.

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