COFFEE TABLE THRIFT FLIP *2 Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table* | XO, MaCenna

I’ve been looking for a coffee table for our living room for months and finally found this large wooden one at the flea market that we can clean, upcycle and add some detail to transform into exactly what we need for the space & share two ways we could decorate it with second-hand decor I love.

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14 Replies to “COFFEE TABLE THRIFT FLIP *2 Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table* | XO, MaCenna”

  1. Coffee table – I love the trim on it, not in love with the brass piece I think it’s too polished not the older brass more like new, so not a fan. Waiting to see how you decorated so I can determine whether or not maybe some ornate pieces that you could add around the sides, not big, just smaller, ornate pieces that maybe you could find at the flea market. And not so bright and brand new. OK so I love how you ended up decorating it if your hydrangeas match your mom’s paining. I love your big chairs but you keep telling us they don’t belong in that space so I’m waiting to see the chairs that do end up in that space. It’s coming along beautifully though. But as far as voting on your coffee table, no brass strip, instead find you some old are not so polished brass little ornate plate, designs to maybe go down on the sod in the long piece of the coffee table to bring in the brass element. Other than that leave it alone it’s beautiful.

  2. Perhaps half round table legs so it's not so flat flat, your spaces make me so happy and warm inside ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. If you do add the brass I would definitely stain it to age it because otherwise I think it loks kinda out of place! but loving how you style it and the restauration so far <3

  4. I think the brass accent you bought are just a bit too bright and yellow for the space. The brass accents you added were much more muted and ties in better. Just my two cents but I love the styling and how it all looks together! Cannot wait to see everything else you have planned for the space, I have some family room upgrades planned but am having some decision issues so love seeing what you do!

  5. No brass! I didn’t get the trim til you started nailing it. Love the trim.

  6. Suggestion: if you want to add a touch of brass detail to the table and add the strips on the sides between each of the existing edge decorative details that appear on the sides (top portion on each sides). This would require you to router between each segment and inlay them. Especially since your strips are 3 feet long, you’d be able to use them on each of the sides, and trim them for each end. Glue and tap them into the grooves edge. This way everyone could see the pinstripe brass inlay detail from each angle, more so than if applied to the top.

  7. Sometimes we overthink things. Less is more. As others have mentioned, a sofa table would look great behind the couch.

  8. No to the brass. The coffee table is great as it is and decorating with brass decorations is a must. Just leave as is. Loved it. This is the best layout for your living room. You just need a long console behind your sofa to separate the area. Just think about it what you can find and save or may be build one. This what I would do. You will find it in the end. The coffee table is stunning so please leave it as is.

  9. I never comment but I couldn't not comment on this one. I have been watching you for years and have always felt like you're a friend (genuinely forgetting you don't even know I exist lol), but I started listening to your podcast the other day for my 2 hour daily drives, and I genuinely feel like I'm listening to a friend. Thank you for the light you bring to mine and so many other lives. Sending love from Melbourne, Australia ????????

  10. Yes it did need that trim on the top. Definitely adding some heaviness on top feels right.
    But no to bras

  11. You can add glass on top of the coffee table, of the same width as the trim to make the table even at the top..And it will also protect the table top in the long run..

  12. No to brass strips – less is more with respect to the trim, but fine in the decor; yes to pronouncing the last “r” in Renoir. I think your table has a Jacobean style (17th century era, falling between Medieval and Renaissance styles)- very hefty and solid in scale.

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