15 Replies to “Collecting Nasturtium Seed”

  1. My nasturtium doesn't produce seeds. I have dozens of flowers but zero seeds. I have had it for two years. Why?

  2. Enjoyed the video. I've collected seed pods from my nasturtiums to dry out and plant next spring. There is an audio issue with your video though. I had my speakers plus the YouTube volume up all the way and still struggled to hear you (had to play it several times).

  3. Thanks alot These are my Favorite flower! This year i planted around ten of them over the property and was so excited to see all the seeds these things produce! ill never have to buy seeds again and cant wait to see what color flowers the seeds will bring next year! Does anyone live in cold winter areas and have experience with growing them inside?

  4. It may depend where you live but I've found that whenever i've planted nasturtiums they always self seed in following years, so I don't need to replant them. ('m in West Wales, UK).

    I'm collecting some seed now to move to other places, so thanks or the video 🙂

  5. Thank you very much. I appreciate your helpful video. Do you have any tricks for removing the little black bugs? I think they are aphids. They are only going after my nasturtiums.

  6. we've grown and replanted our own seeds for two years now. come back every time and flower wonderfully!

  7. Thank you, Evan. I've collected Nasturtium seeds for the first time this year. I've collected some whose outer shell has rotted to a fibrous state. It seems as if internal seed is still intact. Do you think they will produce flowers next year? Thanks again!

  8. Thanks for the info! I did have a hard time hearing the audio and had my speakers and YouTube volume all the way up.

  9. Thank you for this clear and detailed video. With any luck, I'll never have to buy Nasturtium seeds again.

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