Condo Upgrades That Can Add Value To Your Resale!

Christan Bosley shares her key updates that can help you get the most from your condo. A customized murphy bed and smart storage solutions, great lighting and stylish upgrades are just a few features that can help you add value to your investment.

Presented by Bosley Real Estate

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23 Replies to “Condo Upgrades That Can Add Value To Your Resale!”

  1. Her two favorite words are functional and versatile. She also like to talk in upspeak.

  2. Great space! Can you share the name of the designer or the company that did the millwork in the den & living rooms?

  3. Great functionality! Very well done, tasteful. Light in the living room is really cool.

  4. quite an amazing condo and design; but let's be real, this isn't what 75% of ppl can afford, or 95% of non-existing home owners, so it's just a different kind of dream than "freehold white picket fence." let's not be delusional about the sad state of Canadian RE

  5. I'm all for urban/loft decor but Please give me some Color! Tired of grey, white, beiges.

  6. Love her comment at the end about high density urban areas — finding ways to create beautiful home spaces within high rises and letting go of the idea that we all need a standalone house to have a “home.” Super important for taking urban sprawl and keeping housing prices affordable!

  7. Very well-planned floor plan and design.
    For me however (imo), it is way too much glass walls/doors and zero privacy.

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